The Legend of Harry Potter

A young wizard armed with spells capable of causing mass destruction. A boy struggling to get along with his deranged one. A loyal man or woman who is willing to give their life to save their close friends. These descriptions apply to listen to free audiobooks online, an immortal character created by the now legendary British creator J.K. Rowling in a series of novels initially produced for teenagers.

Harry is a young boy whose parents died, although he hoped to save many of them when he was a toddler. A wizard named Voldemort was behind the slaughter of his mothers and fathers, and he cast the exact same curse on Harry that he used to kill his mother and father. Miraculously, the curse ricocheted off infant Harry (due to an enchantment his mother placed on him just before she succumbed to Voldemort’s fatal curse) and killed Voldemort himself. Voldemort’s spirit stayed in substance after he said that simply captive and keeping him in a disease neither dead nor alive. All Harry had to endure was a bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. The wizarding community is amazed to understand this and calls Harry “the boy who lived” considering he was the only person to ever survive Voldemort’s curse. The enchantment placed on Harry is meant to end by his seventeenth birthday; just before that, no matter how hard Voldemort might consider it, Harry will remain immune to his curse.

Orphaned in infancy, Harry is born to his magic-phobic uncle Vemon Dursley and his household by the half-giant Rubeus Hagrid, the caretaker for college children at Hogwarts School of Magic, probably the most influential training school for wizards in the wizarding environment. Harry Potter Universe. That being said, due to his magical powers, young Harry is currently believed to be possessed by a demon by his uncle, wife, and children. They deal with him harshly, allowing him to live in a claustrophobic closet under the stairs of their property on privet trips. When Harry turns 11, he receives letters from Hogwarts College of Magic through properly trained owls. The letters contain instructions on how he should compose himself for the initiation exam at Hogwarts.

Despite this, his uncle soon learns of the letters and begins confiscating them to ensure that Harry cannot understand his future under any circumstances. When he finds out that the letters will come no matter how many times he snatches them, his uncle moves with his family members and Harry to a deserted island off the coast. That doesn’t stop Rubeus Hagrid from breaking into the flat on Harry’s eleventh birthday. He informs Harry in front of his frightened uncle that Harry is set for the initiation exam at Hogwarts and hands him the letter with the guidelines for preparation. Harry is confused when he learns of his magical origins. Rubeus points out that ordinary muggles (the race of people in the Harry Potter universe) are incapable of learning magic; Sorcery is undoubtedly a skill that can only be acquired through birthright. He describes to Harry the legitimate cause of his parents’ deaths. After a lengthy, tricky look at his frightened uncle and loved ones, Rubeus searches young Harry away from his uncle’s wife and children, and also into Hogwarts. The dean of your faculty, the outdated Dumbledore, will have a keen fascination with young Harry’s potential and assigns Harry to training routines that require greater focus and intelligence than other learners. Fixing these more difficult problems allows Harry to improve his wizarding skills much faster than other learners.

The 7-book Harry Potter series chronicles the several years Harry spent at Hogwarts learning how to use his magical talents and the techniques of making magical potions and treats. Starting from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” published in 1997, the seventh e-book “Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows” was unveiled in 2007. The huge sales figures for all 7 of these releases make Harry Potter considered one of the most prolific series of all time.

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